Financial services  organisation with a national footprint

The client, a mid-sized financial services organisation, was struggling to get market penetration with a new product. They had tried the usual stuff. Using our GroupMind process, we co-created a solution which enabled them to go from a strike rate (close rate) of below 14% to one about 35%. It jumpstarted a whole host of other desired changes and made them lots of money. And we had huge fun helping them.

03A telecoms-IT company consulting to a parastatal

The client, a telecoms-IT consulting firm, was struggling to manage the political landscape inside their largely-government-owned client. We introduced wise ways of mapping the political landscape, designed and modelled client-engagement processes at every level, helped to envision and design a workplace transformation process, served on their management team, designed executive team engagement processes, provided the core ideas underlying their performance management process and worked on the team that brought it to fruition, developed processes for better delivering professional services on their client site, and designed a complex sales process for the software suite they are currently building.

The distribution arm of one of the four big retail banks

The client desperately needed to have their managers become real relationship managers. When we encountered them, they were half-man, half-desk. They were client-facing but desk-bound, and hardly customer-focused. Our si- month process tapped into what they and their managers already knew about their situation and had their CEO say of our engagement with them, “This is the best money I have ever spent!”

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