99Click here to download our hot information document on Sales Force Transformation.

Sales Force Transformation™is our end-to-end process for enabling your sales force to achieve targets in ways that are sustainable. Because our purpose is to create sales effectiveness tools that exactly meet your needs, we can deploy whatever components (and in what ever order) make sense both to us and to you, after we have done a diagnostic together.

The Science of Selling is our product for professional services firms who want to be more systematic about how they find and close new engagements. Click here to download our one-pager on this product.

Click here to download our one-pager on Creating Solutions with Clients™, our intensive three-day learning program for the strategic, complex sale. Creating Solutions with Clients™is an experiential learning program, based on the Action Learning principle. if you need us to, we can come into your sales workspace and coach sales managers and consultants to be completely effective in its use.

Driving Great Sales Performance. Sales is often described as the second-oldest profession – and often confused with the first. This mildly amusing sentence masks deep dysfunctionalities which are embedded in the sales philosophy and sales processes of so many organisations. In this article my intention is to lay out not just a modern way of thinking about sales, but also to give some practical direction, and to suggest next steps … Download complete article.