Contact us

06We’re North Star Virtual, with emphasis on the virtual part. So please don’t expect to find us in the office. But we’re (almost) always on the end of a cellphone or an email account:

Call Brent Burgoyne on 082-902-7368 or email him at

Mike Burgoyne is reclusive (and also butt-ugly - so don’t hold your breath waiting for pictures of him to appear). You can email him at

If you’re a client wanting to make a substantial deposit into our account, email Mike and he’ll call you back right away. And he’ll probably reverse the charges.

Brent’s birthday presents can be snail-mailed (you get the idea - no digital gifts, please …) to: Box 35, Private Bag X1005, Claremont, 7735. And you needn’t wait for his birthday.